Getting better...

2016-12-27 22:35:02 by JDRgames

At drawing! ✌


2016-07-30 12:12:14 by JDRgames

I think with my Wacom tablet, I can draw NSFW art here in Newgrounds rather than in e621!

Cuz in e621 have limitation, while here is unlimited!

(even here's the place I'm going to publish one or two games (if I made one), doesn't mean here's safe for any ages)


Long time ago?

2014-05-02 11:45:53 by JDRgames

Mod: Meh...

DLC Bank and DLC Room!

2014-01-18 17:37:18 by JDRgames

Mod: IF my game goes with DLC, would be awesome!

DLC Bank is a bank that you can download and share new Trophies, Characters, Stages, Items, Stickers and Version in the Internet!

DLC Room is a room that you put things from DLC Bank, but the room have a limited space! When you´ve them in DLC Room, will them appear in the game!

Ma joke...

2014-01-04 13:51:52 by JDRgames

Mod: Every time I draw/make some stuff...

...It´s like I create new-grounds!

Happy New Year!

2013-12-31 19:23:10 by JDRgames

Ok, today I´ve created my Newgrounds-account and I hope you all are happy with that! :3

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